Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey shining stars up there,
A man once sang to me, "Go wherever your passion go. You don't chase success there, success chases you."
And I wonder how that place is gonna be :

A wonderful place, where the world is not a race.
Where you find no pressure in achieving goals,
Not a place for kicking other's butt just to win the award.
A place where the world is your own playground.
Where you'll do your best for your own fun, for your own satisfaction.
In there, you play your part with everything you have.
Oh, I believe this is where I'll choose myself to be.
I'll let the world smiles at me.

Wait... Where was I when I woke up this morning?
Did I get lost while I was gone? Did I travel my dream for too long?
Cause I see myself doing what has never crossed to my mind.
I found me dealing with a job I used to curse on!
Am I sleeping with my eyes wide open?
Tell me I am sleeping!! And this is only a nightmare.
No. Wait! Am I living my worst nightmare???

Tell me : I am an idiot.